Monday, 22 June 2015

For The Love Of Disney

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Hey guys, this post is a bit late in the day as I kind of feel behind. But on my last week of blogging for a month so gotta keep going NEARLY DONE IT!

Today's post is a bit of a fun one I am going to share with you my top Disney characters and then try and pick my favourite Disney films. Which is going to be hard for me!

Characters, I have three ones I love the most which you can see above.

Thumper - From Bambi - I love the voice of thumper and just the way thumper is. Totally cute and sweet and loveable.

Ariel - From The Little Mermaid - Its hard for me to have a favourite Disney princess but right from when I was young Ariel has also had a soft spot in my heart. I just love her.

Gus - From Cinderella - Gus is just a goof ball and super clumsy and I love him for that. Really is my favourite.

Now to my favourite films, these are in no order and was REALLY hard to pick just five.

1) The Little Mermaid
2) Finding Nemo
3) Cinderella (not seen the live action one yet)
4) Alice In Wonderland (books the lot I am obsessed)
5) Pocahontas

Would love if you left you favourite characters in the comments or films :)