Saturday, 13 June 2015

Quick Haul Post

Hey guys, today thought would share with you a few things I have picked up in the last week or so. Sorry it's not very interesting but getting posts ready for my cosplay week I have planned for you guys!

So first things are the two mags I buy every month, this is perfect wedding and wedding ideas, both just £2.99 each. Perfect wedding comes with a DIY mini mag this month so rather excited to give some of them a go. I would like to make a lot of my things for my wedding I think :) plus saves money haha.

Next thing are some black jelly shoes, these totally bring me back to my childhood. I keep looking at buying some but worried they will rub my feet as my feet are really sensitive. These had £5 off and were only £4.99 from new look. So thought would pick up a pair. Will be wearing these around the house a lot at first haha.

I also picked up a few DVDs from cex, which is a second hand DVD games etc shop. You can pick up DVDs for as little as 50p in there so I like to pop in every now and then and grab things that take my fancy. I picked up this time cat women, the duchess and coco before Chanel, none of them were more than a pound so great buys.

Last but certainly not least and you can just about spot a unicorn in the picture. You will see this item again in a future post. But it's a super Kawaii skirt from chibi bunny. Which is a great online shop which super cute items and very reasonably priced. The dress I wore when I got engaged is from there also. But as I said you will see it better in a future post as will be doing a review of the shop as I have four fab items from there to show off.

Again sorry it's a bit of a boring one today but have a whole week of convention and cosplay posts next week for you. Which I hope you will enjoy