Saturday, 27 June 2015

Primark Haul

Hey guys, soooo my sister came home with some cute bargain shoes on Wednesday from Primark and were only £3. So I had to pop in and snap myself up a pair the very next day. I knew there was trouble as there was a 50% sale sign up in the window. Come on girls we all know what a danger primark is without sale so god help me. I have to admit I was quite good. But I do hope to pop back in the morning and pick up a maxi dress I spotted.

The shoes that made me go in !! haha. So not only did I pick these up, as thought they were great for this time of year and look like will last a long time. I picked up these too


These were just £6, I picked these up and put them down a few times before trying them on. They are super easy to walk in and are really light.

Other bits I picked up were another harry potter related t shirt, this was just £3 in the sale. I have a rather large collection of harry potter tops now but oh well! They also have the "i'm a muggle" t shirt selling off for just £3... I already have it though

Last thing I picked up were these two headband things, These are to wear with my dress for the wedding. To be honest I could not decide which one to pick up as they were only £1 each I picked up both and thought I would decide on the day!!

My whole primark haul came to just £17 and believe me these was lots more I really wanted to pick up haha.