Sunday, 14 June 2015

My ipad

Hey guys, quick post for you today. Cosplay and convention posts start tomorrow. But thought would show you what I use on my ipad the apps I like the most and what I keep it in.

This is the gel case I have on my ipad, it's from Radley and I snapped it up at a outlet store a few weeks ago for just £5. I did have a cheap purple gel case on it from ebay before. 

I also keep it in a Ted Baker zip case for travel etc, because I use my ipad the most when at Rohan's at the weekends I feel this keeps it nice and secure. Do have to admit it's looking a little tatty now but I still love it. 

As for apps on my ipad the main one I use is Facebook and YouTube, don't really use it for much as apart from a couple games I play on it. The main one I play is tsum, which I bet a lot of people have heard about already. 

It's quite a basic game to play but you join up the little tsum characters in three or more and try and get a good high score. Also depending on what tsum you select as your one when you have filled the bottom corner tsum you unlock a special move. My favourite to use is Marie, she gives you three bubbles which you pop and it gets you lots of points.

Next game I have only just started playing in the last week or so and not sure if I am playing it right yet haha. But it's a rhythm game based on the anime love live. I have found this super addicted and just love playing it at the moment. Best of all it's a free game. 

If you have any suggestions for games I could play on my ipad or apps that would be handy for glossing would love to hear them.