Friday, 19 June 2015

My Cosplay Ball Outfit

Hey guys, cosplay week is coming to an end and only two more posts after this one left. Today is a kind of quick one. I thought I would share with you my outfit I shall be wearing to the ball. At kitacon the Sunday evening there is a ball. You cosplay but in a ball related outfit, some people turn there favourite characters into ball appropriate wear and others choose outfits that are ball like. There is normally lots of disney princess outfits ( that shall be me one day)
Anyway for the ball me and my boyfriend like to pick outfits that go with each other. We did Kiato and Meiko last year from vocaloid, super sad don't have a picture of it!! But this yeah I am going to make sure we do get a picture as well my dress is amazing

As you can see above we decided on vocaloid again. This is the luka outfit from the song sandplay singing of the dragon. I did toy with doing the miku outfit from the song but having pink hair swayed me.
The dress is very ball like and I feel like a princess in it and makes me want to twirly everywhere. I was lucky enough to snap this up off a cosplay selling site on facebook. It fits like a dream! I do hope one day my sewing skills we be good and I can create ball gown outfits!

Anyway enough of me yapping here is a cheeky mirror shot of me in the dress!