Sunday, 21 June 2015

Cosplay Progress - Togetic

Hey guys, this is the last cosplay post and hope you enjoyed my cosplay week!

Last cosplay I have to show you is a human form of the pokemon togetic. I am quite pleased with this one. I started it by looking up with up what other people had done for human form pokemon, then went on to design my own. I certainly decided to do a very girly take on it.

Togetic is the pokemon I decided to go with. I started off with a white dress, it was a little cream for my liking so I did bleach it first. Its still not quite as white as I would like it but its enough. for now, I think I may go back and do some more to this cosplay.

I bought a pack of sharpie fabric pens and used them to draw the designs on, So this is red and blue triangles, small large etc. Tried to keep the shapes varied and also turning in different directions.

Was really pleased how it turned out. It did not take as long as I thought it would. The pens were really easy to use did not bleed out or anything like some I have used have.

I made a pokeball headbow to go with my outfit also and decided to pair it with a long white wig. I plan to show how to make your own headbands in a post later on so keep an eye out for that.

Last thing to complete the outfit I found a cute pokeball bag on ebay! which is super cute.

I still have a couple things left to do for this outfit, which is to decide on what shoes. I am thinking red and blue shoes would look cute. Also I plan to make some wings out of foam.

Hope you enjoyed todays posts and all my cosplay posts!