Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Cosplay Week - Wig Styling - My first attempt

Hey guys, yesterday ( as you are reading this the day after I wrote it) I attempted my very first go at wig styling. It went okay and I am pretty pleased with the outcome although I think it will look better on the day as will be able to pin it better.

This is how my wig started off, its pretty curly but I wanted it to be more frizzy because this is my wig for my bellatrix cosplay. 

The items I used were, 
  • teasing comb
  • wide tooth come
  • styling comb
  • white hair spray
  • bobby pins
I started off by back combing the wig, making the curls less defined and more frezzing looking. I then pinned a bit to the side and used the white hair spray to spray one side. 

So I ended up with a very frizzy half white and half brunette wig, as you can see its rather fluffy so I needed to  tame it. I started off but brushing it through a bit with the wide tooth comb. Then began to it to the side to achieve the look I was after, the pinning did not work out all that well because they kept falling out while on the fake head.
So I decided to put the wig on myself and in the mirror started pinning it. I did notice it pinned a lot better and I roughly got the look I was going for. The only downside is that the white hair spray faded a bit while I was stying it. It comes out a bit like a chalk so it rubs off a bit. But instead of spraying the hair more I have saved it to do on the day.
As I said I pinned it roughly into place and it ended up like this..

As you can see it is close to what it needs to be like. The white needs to stand out more and it needs to be pinned a bit more securely. Also need to bring some strands down at the front to make it look correct. Overall I am pretty happy with how this came out and hoping it will come together on the day! You will see more of my Bellatrix cosplay in tomorrow's post