Thursday, 18 June 2015

Cosplay Week - Cosplay Progress - Bellatrix !

Hey guys as you saw in last post I was working on my Bellatrix Lestrange Cosplay, This is my first cosplay I have ever "made". I say "made" as I haven't actually sewn an outfit together but had modified items I have born to work as the cosplay.

First thing I did was the skirt, I bought a long black linen skirt from a charity shop which I thought was suitable for the outfit. I then went online and ordered silver, gold and bronze fabric paints the brand I used were dylon. In all honesty I only used the silver in the end but at the time I was not sure on the colours and wanted to experiment a bit.

When I first saw her skirt I thought there was just a tiny bit of detail around the top and then a bit nearer the bottom. But on a closer inspection I noticed there was the detail all over the skirt just some were faded and some were super bright. 
So to get the look I painted with a thin paint brush the tiny swirls all over the skirt, the brighter ones I just did normally. To get the faded ones I painted the swirl then soon as did I dabbed it with a cloth ( dry or damp works) and this took some of the colour out but not all so gave the faded effect.
I did find you had to keep washing and changing the cloth other wise it did not work. I am rather chuffed with how the skirt came out because I put a lot of hours into it! Painting the skirt must of took me around 4 hours in all. I sat down with a film and just painted haha.

The next thing was the top! now I made a slight mock up of this before I started the real thing as had to check it worked. I don't have the mock up to show you as took it apart to help me make the real thing
But I will try and explain what I did. 
  • I started with a long sleever black top and cut the sleeves off.
  • I then cut around the round neck making it lower, but try not to go to low
  • Taking a needle and thread I pinched the middle of the top (right between my boobs. creating the effect the top has. When pinched together I sewed together the pinch and added a few more pinches till I was happy with the result

That is the look you are going for, as you can see here it looks a bit wonky but its the way the photo was taken. I hope you can see what I mean by pinching the top. You can also see here I have started adding the detail to the top. This is using the same method as the skirt to create the lighter ones.

That is all I have done of my bellatrix so far! I have purchased a wand, and a crows skull necklace and some biker looking boots to go with it. 

The next thing I need to do is kind of a bit task. I have to take the sleeves and cut them right down the side. Then using a eyelet punched, attack eyelets to each side all the way down. this is so I can create the laced up effect that she has in her top. 

Then the last thing is the thing worried about the most and that is the corset. I have a plan for it lets hope it works! I will keep you updated with that one!

Tune in tomorrow for another cosplay I am working on