Saturday, 8 November 2014

A Few Of My Favourite Things ... Tea Tree Pore Minimiser

Hey guys, another favourite things for you guys today. This one is a Body Shop product and from my favourite range from them. I really adore the body shop tea tree range its the only thing that really made an impact on my skin during my spotty years. I still get spots but there are no where near as bad as they once were. 

I came across this product about a year ago I think while was ordering some of the facial wash online as they were doing some sort of deal. I decided to give this a try so I added it to my basket and now I am on my third tube. 
This product is pretty much a pore minimiser that you can use as a base for your make up. Now I am not sure I would use this on a day to day bases as when I apply it at first my skin looks a little red for a few mins then it looks clears. It only appears red on the places on my face where I tend to get spots. I also find it can make my skin a little dry. But I am not saying this product is bad, it is fantastic at what I use it for.

I apply this at weekends only and do it after I have had a shower in the mornings. I squeeze a small amount on my fingers then rub it all over my face. After I have done that I do it again a second time but this time I concentrate on the areas where I tend to get more spots. In my case my nose, chin and neck. I then leave it to sink again and don't apply anything else to my skin after. 

As I said before it tends to leave my skin a little red looking at first and you can really feel it tingling in some areas. During the weekends I try to give my skin and hair a break and don't really do anything to it unless I am going somewhere. I tend to spend the weekends chilling with Rohan and being lazy... as well that's what weekends are for.

I really like the product as I find it has really helped clear up some of my problem areas. It really helps my skin look healthier the only downside is I find it a little drying.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks favourite things product post and if you have any suggestions on a product like this one I would love to hear about it.